Yugen, for fragrant teas and tea lattes in Kyoto


Visited this place during my previous trip to Kyoto after searching for good places for hojicha latte online. I ended up liking it so much I came twice during my 4 day stay here. It’s quite close to Nishiki Market and the Shijo shopping district so the location is quite convenient too.

yugen kyoto japan tea

This is a small shop and there are only a few seats but they seem to have a steady stream of customers whenever I was here.

yugen kyoto tea japan

When you step into the shop, you get to see the owner making tea.

yugen kyoto japan tea

The owner speaks English so it was quite easy to order and I watched him make my tea.

yugen kyoto japan tea

It was quite fun to see the tea being whisked while waiting to drink it.

yugen kyoto japan tea

The hot hojicha latte was fragrant and was robust in flavour. The hojicha when combined with the whisked milk was really smooth in texture and I enjoyed it a lot. There were many bubbles after the tea was whisked, showing how the tea was oxygenated properly and that’s a good sign!

yugen teahouse kyoto japan hojicha latte

The iced hojicha latte was more milky but the fragrance of the hojicha was still there. The iced version was rather thick as well and wasn’t diluted at all.

yugen kyoto japan teahouse

This is more of a takeaway store but there are a few seats for you to drink tea in too.

yugen teahouse kyoto japan

They sell their tea products if you would like to purchase them to make tea at home. Their products can also be found on Pinkoi or their website as well.

This was one of the best hojicha lattes I’ve had in Kyoto and I would come back during my next trip to Kyoto if I could!

266-2 Daikokucho, Shimogyo, Kyoto 600-8043 Kyoto Prefecture
11am-7pm daily
Website Facebook

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