Exploring Thandaunggyi, located in Myanmar's Kayin State


Thandaunggyi is located in the mountains located a 5 hour drive away from Yangon. Due to its elevation, the town experiences cool weather all year round and the area boasts picturesque views too! Here' are a few places of interest you can visit during your stay here.

Places to go

1. Mount Naw Bu Baw

thandaunggyi myanmar

Mount Naw Bu Baw is also known as Prayer Mountain. People climb up here to pray and to look at the views from the mountain too. It’s about 300 steps up from the drop off point before you reach the top.

thandaunggyi myanmar mount naw bu baw

There are rooms for prayer located on your way up to the top that people can use too.

myanmar thandaunggyi mount naw bu baw prayer mountain

You get to see panoramic views of the area when you reach the top.

thandaunggyi myanmar

This is also a great sunrise viewing point, it’s a pity it was too cloudy when we were here to view the sunrise.

2. Youth for Christ’s Castle

thandaunggyi myanmar castle

This is an old castle bought by Youth For Christ. It’s about 100 years old.

thandaunggyi myanmar castle

The castle and its surroundings are very photogenic too!

thandaunggyi myanmar castle

You get to see nice views from the castle’s viewpoint as well.

3. Tea Plantation

thandaunggyi myanmar tea plantation

They have tea plantations and factories where you can visit here.

thandaunggyi myanmar tea plantation

You get to enjoy the views and greenery of the place as well. There are also coffee plantations and factories that you can visit but they’re only open on certain days so we didn’t get to go there.

Things to do

1. Hiking

thandaunggyi hiking myanmar

Locals here will bring you on various routes with varying levels of difficulties and to different sightseeing points as well.

thandaunggyi myanmar hot spring

A short hike brings you to a hot spring where you can soak in hot water surrounded by nature.

thandaunggyi myanmar waterfall hike

There are waterfalls in the area where you can hike to to view as well.

2. Tree Planting

thandaunggyi myanmar tree planting

You can also help to plant trees to reduce soil erosion in the area as well.

Places to stay

Kaing’s Villa B&B

thandaunggyi kaing's villa accommodation

We stayed in Kaing’s Villa, a family owned B&B.

thandaunggyi accommodation myanmar b&b

The rooms were comfortable and well equipped.

thandaunggyi accommodation myanmar kaing's b&b

Meals are served in their cafe and we often get local food (Burmese cuisine or traditional Karen dishes).

Thandaunggyi is a place where you get to get in touch with nature and enjoy a slower pace of life. There are lots do and see depending on which season you visit and depending on what festivals are being celebrated.

We travelled with Actxplorer Myanmar and they brought us around so we could truly enjoy the experiences. Their prices are really reasonable and the guides are friendly and helpful too. Do consider them if you would like to visit!