Rangoon Tea House


Rangoon Tea House is a famous local restaurant visited by both tourists and locals that offers a wide variety of tea and food options. My family and I truly enjoyed our visit there so here’s a post introducing what they offer.

The Place

Rangoon Tea House

The first floor is the main restaurant area.

Rangoon Tea House

They have a tea bar and you get to watch them pull tea.

Rangoon Tea House

This is where their naked cakes are kept.

Rangoon Tea House

They also sell souvenirs plus instant sweet tea that you can make back home too.

Rangoon Tea House

The second floor is more for drinks and they screen matches on a screen too.

rangoon tea house

This is the bar and they have a wide variety of drinks too.

The Food

Rangoon tea house

You can choose your traditional tea from a chart of different proportions of tea and milk. I chose one of those with the most milk and it’s really sweet but still good! Also, they serve the tea with 2 pieces of dark chocolate. They went so well together.

Rangoon tea house crab mohinga

I ordered a crab mohinga. Mohinga is a typical rice noodle breakfast dish typically eaten with fried fish. But this crab version is a luxurious version of that. I got the set that has fritters, fried fish cakes and a soft shell crab included.

Rangoon Tea House

This is how it looks like after the rice noodles were put into the soup. This was so yummy and the soup was so rich! I really enjoyed this a lot.

Rangoon tea house briyani

This is their briyani.

rangoon tea house briyani

This is how it looks like after the waitress cut it open for him! This was fragrant and we liked it quite a bit.

Rangoon Tea House

They have sides such as river prawns and fried chicken which were tasty as well!

rangoon tea house

This is a BFF naked cake, it sounded nicer in its description than when I ate it. This is supposed to be chocolate and Nutella with their take on Ferrero Rocher.

Rangoon tea house chocolate samosas

I ordered chocolate samosas and they were really good! The samosas are filled with dark chocolate and the ice cream is rose flavoured, the flavours complemented each other so well.

Overall, I think this is a great place to visit when you’re in Yangon for food or drinks so I hope you get to enjoy your visit too!

Rangoon Tea House
Address: Ground Floor, 77-79 Pansodan Rd (Lower Middle Block), Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Opening Hours: 7am-10pm Sunday to Thursdays, 7am-12am Fridays to Saturdays