Lhong Tou Cafe, for dimsum in a unique setting


Lhong Tou Cafe is located in Yaowarat and it’s a new cool cafe that serves dim sum with a Thai twist. Lhong Tou has been featured often on social media for its interior design and when we visited, it was a unique experience indeed!

lhong tou cafe bangkok

It’s very modern even from the exterior and seating is limited (especially if you want to sit at the higher tables) so it would be good to come during off peak hours if you don’t want to wait!

lhong tou cafe yaowarat bangkok

This is the interior of the cafe. You get to choose the seats you want by clicking “upstairs” or “downstairs” when getting your queue number.

lhong tou cafe bangkok

They even have these poles to ensure you get up and down easily too. If you wonder how the staff serve the food and if they climb up every time, they don’t. They just pass the food to us from the ground level.

lhong tou cafe bangkok

We got to sit at the higher tables and this is the view!

Lhong tou cafe bangkok yaowarat signature thai ice tea

We got a signature Thai iced tea and it’s really good! They have khanom toob tub (traditional peanut snack) bits on top.

lhong tou cafe yaowarat bangkok shu mai

This is one of their signatures, the Lhong Tou Shu Mai. These are quite different from those we have in Singapore. Plus the vinegar with chilli goes very well with it too!

lhong tou cafe yaowarat bangkok

These are prawn dragon bombs, they’re quite crispy. They come with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

lhong tou cafe yaowarat bangkok

These are prawn spring rolls, they go well with the tamarind sauce given with them.

lhong tou cafe yaowarat bangkok

These are mini char siew buns. They’re bite sized and quite good!

Lhong tou cafe yaowarat bangkok

This is their lava ban but there wasn’t lava so we were quite disappointed. It was still pretty good in terms of their texture and flavour though!

lhong tou cafe yaowarat bangkok

And this is their mala fried chicken! This wasn’t spicy (to me) but the flavour is quite strong and good!

Lhong Tou also offers more items on its menu and their congee set is very popular too. We enjoyed our meal here and it was great that everything’s in small portions so we could try a wider variety of products. Service is good and the staff here are friendly as well!

Lhong Tou Cafe
Address: 538 Yaowarat Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 8am-10pm daily

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