The Humble Scoop: Homemade ice cream with unique flavours in Katong


I visited The Humble Scoop quite a few times recently because they have many flavours that are interesting to try and yummy to taste as well.

the humble scoop ice cream singapore

The Humble Scoop is located in Katong Shopping Centre next to Dona Manis Cake Shop. They offer a myriad of ice cream flavours and you get to have them in a cup, on a cone or on waffles. They sell drinks such as coffee and tea as well.

the humble scoop ice cream singapore

They have a variety of unique ice cream flavours and you get to taste them too. I was pleasantly surprised they give you metal spoons to taste instead of plastic spoons!

the humble scoop ice cream singapore

The flavours of the day are on the board outside and flavours are on a rotational basis.

The humble scoop ice cream

I got in-kueh-dible (salted coconut with gula melaka) and orh bee good (pulut Hitam). Both were good and the Pulut Hitam one stood out because it has black glutinous rice bits in it. I came only wanting to have one scoop of ice cream but I ended up with this! The waffle was quite fluffy too.

the humble scoop ice cream singapore

Other local inspired flavours include Orh Haw (haw berries) and Cereal Killer. I liked how Orh Haw has hawthorn flakes in it and yet wasn’t too sweet. Cereal Killer is also flavourful and the toppings added an extra crunch to the ice cream too. I got to taste other flavours and the one with chilli was really interesting. I’ll probably get that next!

the humble scoop ice cream

They also have fusion flavours which add an interesting twist to local favourites. This is Tea-Rex which is milk tea with raspberry and it’s such a unique flavour. The raspberry added a tangy flavour to the slightly sweet milk tea and I really enjoyed it.

the humble scoop ice cream singapore

They have common favourites with unique names such as “gam-ba-teh”, the name for their earl grey ice cream. This is a more common flavour as compared to the rest but it was really fragrant and had a smooth texture.

This is a great place for dessert and the ice cream flavours are enjoyed by people of all ages too. I always can’t wait to go back to have more ice cream and to try more flavours so do drop by if you’re in the area to give them a try!

The Humble Scoop
Address: Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Rd, #B1-92, Singapore 437844
Opening hours: 12-9.30pm daily, closed on Mondays
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