The Communal Place: A unique cafe in Joo Chiat


The Communal Place is a rather new cafe in Joo Chiat Road, situated a few minutes away from i12 Katong. They offer a wide variety of food which are great for sharing and good for large groups to dine at too. I was invited to an eat up here by Burpple because The Communal Place added new items to their menu!

the communal place singapore

The first thing I noticed when I stepped in was that there was a we bare bear stuffed toy at every table.

the communal place singapore

We were given a refreshing welcome drink upon arrival too. There were even bit of pomelo in this drink.

The communal place singapore seafood bouillabaisse

One of their favourites is the Bouillabaisse ($18), one of their favourites. Bouillabaisse is traditionally a type of fish stew but this was more of a lobster bisque.

the communal place singapore bouillabaisse

We then poured the soup into the bowl with the ingredients. The broth was rich and flavourful. There was quite a lot of seafood in this too.

the communal place singapore tonkatsu

We had Pork Katsu ($11) next. It was crispy and yummy but I didn’t think this stood out much compared to the rest. It’s a good side to share in groups though!

the communal place singapore miso salmon

The Miso Salmon ($20) is also a favourite. I thought this was a cooked a bit more than I would have liked it to be. But the flavours were yummy and the mash potato was super creamy!


The Pork Ribs ($20) was lit in front of us and it was such an impressive display even though these were just called Pork Ribs.

the communal place singapore pork ribs

After the fire dies down the chilli sauce is added to the dish. The pork ribs were crispy and tasty, with a defined cinnamon flavour which I found unique. The batter was a bit thick for my liking but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

the communal place singapore yuzu butterfly chicken

I could smell the Yuzu Butterfly Chicken ($18) the moment this was placed on the table!

the communal place yuzu butterfly chicken

The yuzu flavour was infused in the chicken and the chicken meat was tender without hints of dryness as well. I love yuzu and I would say this was my favourite dish of the night.

the communal place singapore banana fritters

One of the desserts offered here is Banana Fritters ($10). These were like goreng pisang just that the bananas were breaded the same way as tonkatsu. It was crispy but best shared especially after eating tonkatsu.

the communal place singapore tiramisu

I really liked the Tiramisu ($13) though. The mascarpone cheese was light and the espresso flavour was strong. The berries provided a nice tart twist to the strong flavours too!

I really enjoyed my meal here and the service was good too. The food was yummy and ambience here was good. Thank you Burpple for the invite and thank you The Communal Place for having us!

The Communal Place
465 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427677