Maokong 貓空, for tea and scenery away from crowds in Taipei


Maokong is a village with many teahouses offering good tea and great views of Taipei City. It's also a very peaceful area which makes a nice respite from the busy city Taipei can be. It is located near the Taipei Zoo mrt station and you can take a gondola up for 120twd.

maokong gondola taipei

The ticket price is the same for both glass bottom and regular cabins, there's a shorter wait for regular cabins though.

maokong gondola views

The view going up can be quite spectacular too! Maokong is about 4000m above sea level.

maokong taipei

When we arrived we saw many snack shops and continued walking down this path to the tea houses

maokong tea houses

There are a cluster of tea houses as you walk down the road.

Redwood Tea House

redwood tea house maokong

This teahouse has an air conditioned and an outdoor section. The air conditioned section sells cold teas and desserts while the outdoor section sells hot tea and snacks.

redwood tea house maokong

This is the view you get to see from the teahouse!

redwood teahouse maokong

The owner loves tea so he teaches us how to make tea before we start to enjoy it ourselves. We order tea by the packet here and you can drink as much as you want, they will tie up the rest of the tea packet and you can bring it home after that. They have different grades for you to choose from and we got 包種茶 which is a light oolong. It was light and fragrant indeed.

dried mango maokong

We got their signature dried mango, 愛文芒果, and it complemented the tea very well.

cuttlefish maokong

The dried cuttlefish was fresh and really good too!

Tea Ice Cream

maokong tea ice cream

Walked around the area after that and found a cafe with tea ice cream! This is tieguanyin and they have 包種茶, the tea we drank just now, too! This ice cream was a bit too creamy and the tea flavour wasn’t strong enough for my liking. I still like Tenren tea’s ice cream more! The cat cookie is 包種茶 flavoured though.


maokong tea

There are many shops where you can get tea as souvenirs and gifts in the area.

kumamon maokong postcard

There are many items that have collaborations with the cat (to symbolise the cat from maokong) and Kumamon that make great souvenirs too.

The gondola generally operates from 8.30am-9pm (10pm on Friday and Saturday) daily while the shops and teahouses have various operating hours. The operation of the gondola is dependent on weather conditions so it's good to check the official website for its status before you go over!