Taroko Gorge Day Tour


Getting a day tour to Taroko Gorge is very helpful because you can explore the key places in the area with great convenience and comfort. So here's a post on our Taroko Gorge day tour!

1. 清水斷涯 Qingshui Cliff

qingshui cliff hualien taiwan

Qingshui Cliff is where you can see the three shades of blue that make up the Pacific Ocean. The views are so stunning! Some people come to this area to kayak and there are also sunrise kayaking tours you can go for as well.

2. Taroko National Park: Shakadang Trail

taroko gorge

This is one of the more famous trails in the National Park! It’s very easy to walk and there is barely gradient differences apart from having to climb up and down stairs to get to the trail. This part of the gorge is indeed picturesque and rather gorgeous indeed.

3, Taroko National Park: Swallow’s Grotto 燕子口

taroko national park swallow's grotto

You get to see where swallows build their nests here and more of the gorge as well!

4. Lunch

coffee jelly

There's a little cafe in the area and we were driven there to have lunch! We were given coffee jelly which was so refreshing on a hot afternoon!

black pepper beef rice taroko gorge

We were given a menu of rather limited choices so I ordered black pepper beef! It was pretty good actually. One set costs 230twd and it comes with coffee or green/red tea. If you want other drinks you just have to add 60twd. I had oolong milk tea and it was really good! They put brown sugar in it instead of the usual refined sugar

5. Lushui Trail 綠水步道

lushui trail taroko gorge

This place is directly translated to "green water" trail because of the green water that flows through the river here.

lushui trail taroko gorge

The scenery is very pretty and you get to see a lot of greenery too.

6. Taroko National Park: Changchun Shrine 長春祠

changchun shrine

This is the shrine built to commemorate people who died building the Central Cross Island Highway. And this is its third location alread. The original location is the grey pile of rubble on the far right where a landslide occurred. Then it moved slightly left where another landslide occurred. Hopefully this will stay!

7. Qixing beach 七星潭

qixing beach hualien

Qixing beach is a pebbled beach that is near Taroko Gorge. 

qixing beach hualien

There's quite a long stretch of beach so it's easy to take pictures too! This was also the last location of the tour so it was the most relaxing part as well.

I had signed up for the tour with my hostel so if you're looking for a good hotel a good tour desk, Hualien Wow Youth Hostel is a good option to consider (not sponsored)!