River tracing in Hualien's Jade Valley (翡翠谷)


River tracing is a great activity to do in the summer as you get to keep cool while exploring Hualien through its rivers. There are trails at different places with different durations so you get to choose how much physical activity you want too.

I initially chose 砂婆礑溪 after seeing pretty pictures of it online but the guides ended up bringing us to 翡翠谷 (Jade Valley) because the conditions were better perhaps! The experience was a lot of fun and the views were great so we’re very happy!

river tracing hualien

We would first get a briefing on how to wear our wetsuits and gear here. The guides will tell you your size before you arrive to save time (they ask for your height, weight and shoe size when you sign up). There are tents for you to change in if you need them on the other side.

river tracing hualien taiwan

We had to walk up to the upper course of the river and the views were quite pretty along the way.

river tracing hualien taiwan

We arrived at this part of the river and took a group picture before we started!

river tracing hualien

To warm up (or cool down rather), we had a water splashing session and it felt great because the water's rather cold!

river tracing hualien

So most of our time was spent walking on and through rocks as we went up the course of the river. It was quite manageable for people of different ages (we had children and older people in the group) and the friendly instructors are always around to offer you a hand if you need help.

river tracing hualien

There was an occasional massage by the moving water along the way.

Taiwan 2018-118.JPG

There were plenty of photo opportunities too! An instructor has a waterproof camera and goes around taking photos of everyone.

Taiwan 2018-126.JPG

We spent quite a bit of time here doing quite a bit of activities. They're all purely optional so if you're not keen on certain activities you can just relax in this lake.

Taiwan 2018-128.JPG

Activities here included jumping from 1m and 3m, sliding down the natural water slide and climbing up the rocks to get to different points to jump off. The activities weren't very difficult and were pretty manageable in general.

river tracing hualien

And when all activities ended, we took a last group picture here before going back to where we started.

river tracing hualien

They know you'll be hungry so they cook a huge pot of instant noodles as a snack that you can have before they send you back to your hotel. This is included in the prices reflected on their website too. 

Taiwan 2018-187.PNG

In the evening on that same day, they uploaded the photos on their Facebook page so they're really quick! The instructor asked us to think of a name for our group and someone laughed so that became our album name.

The company we went with is called River King 溯溪王 and the prices are pretty good! The both of us paid 900twd each because there was an online discount. They also reply quickly to my queries on Line plus this price includes them taking photos for us! So if you have no waterproof cameras it’s ok too.

Overall I really enjoyed this half day programme and will try out another trail when I go back to Hualien in the future! For more details you can visit their website or their Facebook page too.