Hualien Food List


Hualien is not as popular as Taipei for tourism yet so here's a food list to introduce you to the good food they have!


1. Lao Pai Scallion Pancake 老牌炸蛋蔥油餅

Taiwan 2018-159.JPG

This place is a must try in my opinion. We went back to eat it twice because that's how good we think it is! These scallion pancakes aren't the usual ones you see everywhere in Taiwan because they are deep fried.

hualien scallion pancake

The pancake is very crispy and goes very well with their chilli sauce plus the egg yolk in the pancake is runny too. They tend to sell out very quickly so try to get there before 5 or 6pm!

Lao Pai Scallion Pancake
No. 2, Lane 110, Fuxing Street, Hualien City, Taiwan
1pm – 7pm (or until sold out)


2. Dongdamen Night Market

There are many things to try at dongdamen night market so here are some things I tried and really liked.

  • 原香 muah chee

muah chee hualien

I ordered condensed milk, peanut and honey mochi! The boss offers to mix and match the different types of rice for you! After he asked me what rice I would like etc I told him to just decide what he thought would taste good and he did!

hualien muah chee

They come in purple rice, millet and white rice. They were so fragrant and roasted till they were crispy outside and chewy inside. I had chocolate, soy sauce (original) and peanut with condensed milk. Peanut with condensed milk was my favourite!

  • Chiang’s Family Coffin Toast 蔣家官財板

coffin toast hualien

This is known as a coffin toast and it comes in a wide variety of flavours. This is the black pepper beef flavour and it was really good. The bread was crispy and the beef bits were tender. 

  • 鹿司岸飯飯雞翅

stuffed chicken wings

This stall sells stuffed chicken wings!

stuffed chicken wings hualien

There's glutinous rice stuffed in the chicken wing and it was quite delicious too.

Dongdamen Night Market 東大門夜市
No. 50, Zhongshan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County
Taiwan 970
Opening hours: varies by stall but most stalls tend to be open by 6pm.


3. Ji Zheng Ranch 吉蒸牧場

ji zheng ranch hualien

Located in the Hualien East Rift Valley, this ranch tends to be known and visited by locals. You get to dine with this view!

milk steamboat ji zheng ranch

Their signature is the milk steamboat and it was really yummy indeed! The milk is so fresh too! This set is for 2-3 and it's quite filling.

ji zheng ranch

Another thing that impressed me was the fried milk mantou. I could taste the flavour of the milk and the crust was crispy too! What was unexpected was that they even seasoned it nicely with salt and pepper so I enjoyed this a lot. They have many other dairy products that I would try but I was too full to do so.

Ji Zheng Ranch
Address: No. 230, Section 3, Zhongshan Rd, Ruisui Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 978
Opening hours: 8am-6pm


4. 周家蒸餃小籠包

xiaolongbao hualien

This is their xiaolongbao and this shop is one of the two more famous and popular shops in Hualien! The other shop is called 公正包子 and I liked this one more because the skin is thinner and the meat is more flavourful than the other one! Their steamed dumplings are pretty good as well.

5. Lintianshan Cafe

lintianshan cafe

This cafe is also located in the Rift Valley and it's famous for its good coffee even though it offers a variety of food.

lintianshan cafe coffee

I had brown sugar coffee, the coffee was fragrant and so was the brown sugar. They complemented each other very well yet the coffee wasn't overly sweet as well. I was very happy with this.

Lintianshan Cafe
Address: No20. Lin Sen Rd., Wanrong Township, Hualien County 975, Taiwan
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 09:00-17:00