Huis Ten Bosch- Visiting Europe in Japan

Huis Ten Bosch mascot

Huis Ten Bosch (ハウステンボス) is a theme park in Nagasaki which resembles a Dutch town. It isn’t the typical theme park where people go for rides which makes it very family friendly and people for all ages can enjoy it! What also attracted me to this theme park is that the food is really good and prices are reasonable! I had briefly mentioned Huis Ten Bosch in my Kyushu guide so here's a more detailed post on it!

Huis Ten Bosch is split into different sections: Amsterdam City, Harbour Town, Tower City, Adventure Park, Flower Road, Attraction Town and Thriller City. They also have seasonal programmes so you can check their website or Facebook page for more details.

Canal City

canal city Huis Ten Bosch

Canal City, as its name suggests, provides boat rides with a view. The boat rides give you a short tour or introduction to welcome you to Huis Ten Bosch! The boat also takes you from Canal City to Tower City. Both areas are walkable, but taking the boat allows you to see different views.

Tower City

tower city huis ten bosch

Tower City has an observatory where you can enjoy views of Huis Ten Bosch from a decent height. The views are pretty nice and it you can see that the different areas are quite distinct too.

rode leew huis ten bosch lemon steak

Rode Leew is a restaurant recommended by a friend who used to work in Huis Ten Bosch and she told me the lemon steak is good. I decided to have lemon steak then, it comes as a set with a choice of the Japanese set (which comes with rice and miso soup) or a Western set (which comes with bread and the soup of the day). The lemon steak was really unique and really flavourful, with the lemon sauce complementing the beef really well. I enjoyed it a lot!

Harbour Town

huis ten bosch harbour town

Harbour Town allows rental of bicycles to explore the area and it feels like a real harbour with a very relaxing ambience there. There's a ride where you get to explore the inside of a boat too but it was under maintenance during my visit.

Art Garden

art garden huis ten bosch

This is where the ferris wheel is and this area has many flowers that change during different seasons for people to appreciate.

Amsterdam City

miffy cafe huis ten bosch

Amsterdam City is the main shopping and eating area. There are many souvenir shops here and there’s a Miffy Cafe here too! You get to dine with Miffy and the food is Miffy themed as well.

Attraction Town

castella huis ten bosch

There’s a souvenir shop dedicated to castella and if you’re here during castella times, you get to sample many castellas! Castella's a specialty of Nagasaki Prefecture too!

umbrella street huis ten bosch

Some of the attractions in this area include an umbrella street that resembles the one in Portugal, a chocolate mansion, a cinema that makes people cry and a VR “house”. To enjoy some of the attractions, an additional fee needs to be paid but prices are generally quite reasonable.

Flower Road

flower road huis ten bosch

As the name suggests, this area has a long stretch of flowers with an occasional windmill! The area is really nice for taking photos and it is nice to walk around too.


Hotel Europe Image source:  Qantas

Hotel Europe
Image source: Qantas

If you feel that spending a day here isn’t enough, there are 4 hotels in the theme park where you can stay over! More details can be found here. I didn’t stay over during my previous visit but I would like to stay for a night during my next visit to view the night illuminations!

Image source:  BC Roll

Image source: BC Roll

Outside Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch snacks

There are more snack and souvenir shops here where you can try out specialties of Nagasaki or just snack! The snack shop in the picture specialises in Fukuoka strawberries and I had a strawberry pancake which had a fragrant strawberry flavour.


Huis Ten Bosch
Admission prices: 7,000 yen for a one day passport (Adult) Click here for more admission price details
Getting there:
Opening hours: 9am-10pm