Unboxing my Bokksu


I had finally given in to temptation after seeing all the ads from Bokksu on social media and started a subscription with them. Bokksu is a Japanese snack subscription box that has a different theme every month. Here's a peek into the one I got!

The Box

March 2018-84.jpg

This is how it looks like! I got the Classic Bokksu which has 20-25 snacks and a tea pairing that costs $35-39 USD per month depending on which subscription plan you get.

bokksu review

This is what you see when you first open up the box!

bokksu review

Apart from having snacks inside, there is a card that introduces the snacks to you and another card that gives you a discount to their online market.


Here's how the information card looks like. It tells you what the snack is called, common allergens, which company and which part of Japan it is from as well. It's quite a thoughtful and helpful thing to have in the box!

The snacks

bokksu japan snacks subscription

These are all the snacks in the box!

bokksu tokyo rusk

This is the premium almond rusk from Tokyo Rusk! I remember liking this a lot when I first tried it at Tokyo Station last year so I'm quite happy that this was included. The almond is fragrant and there's a generous portion of almond on the rusk too.

Black sesame goma senbei

This is black sesame goma senbei (rice cracker).

mini fried rice cracker

These are mini fried rice crackers and they are coated with sweet soy sauce.

maple butter cookie

Here are the famous maple langues de chat that I fell in love at first bite when I was in Tokyo! Apart from maple, there is also white chocolate and vanilla cream in it too.

tokyo chocolate tea

These are Tokyo Chocolate Tea biscuits. The biscuits are infused with tea grown in the Totoro Forest and they are covered with a layer of milk chocolate. Sounds great for people who love both chocolate and tea!


There is also a chocolate and banana cobbler and an apple caramelised cobbler from the famous pastry shop, Chikalicious!

calbee vegetable potato sticks

There is Calbee's classic vegetable potato sticks as well. 

koala march strawberry

There is also strawberry flavoured Koala March. I would have been happier if the Koala March was a seasonal flavour like kinako, hojicha or yuzu!

ucc latte

UCC's instant cafe latte was included in the box as well.

horn milk chocolate

There's also Horn Milk Chocolate by Meiji. This is chocolate sandwiched in between biscuits and it makes a great treat or snack too!

Subscription plans

There are multiple subscription plans depending on the size of the box you want and also depending on how many months you want to commit to the subscription plan.

One good thing about this subscription box is that it shows you the theme and items of the upcoming subscription box, allowing you to decide if you want to suspend your subscription for that month.

For more information, you can visit Bokksu's website here and if you would like to subscribe you can go to this link and get 10% off! Please note that this post is not sponsored. I'm just using their rewards system.