My Teapasar Experience


I was invited to try out teapasar recently and I got to try both the online and offline experience with the opening of their physical store in NomadX (located in Plaza Singapura). It was an interesting and unique experience so I hope that you get to try it too!

About Teapasar

Teapasar is an online platform set up to connect tea brands and tea lovers together. The people working there are a group of tea enthusiasts and they were also the organisers of this year’s Singapore Tea Festival. You can order tea from their website and depending on if the product is available at NomadX, you can pick it up from the store or get the products delivered to you. What sets them apart from other online stores is the fact that they have the ProfilePrint technology, developed with NUS and A*STAR to help people to create taste profiles and understand the type of teas they prefer better.

The online experience

First, I created an account here and filled in my preferences for “Discover your perfect blend”.

teapasar tea profile

The results will show your taste profile together with four teas that best match your taste profile.

teapasar tea profile

You can explore more by clicking on the product and “launch matching algorithm” to discover other similar teas to that product.

teapasar website matching algorithm

You may proceed to purchase the teas and other products that you like if you want, if you’re unsure you can continue your taste profile offline at their physical store!

The offline experience

teapasar nomadx

I got to meet Eustacia from teapasar for this and she brought me through the Discover Your Perfect Blend Experience.

teapasar discover your perfect blend

This allows you to try 3 teas and a snack at the physical store to confirm your taste profile. After trying each tea, you can adjust your preferences and find out what teas are to your liking too. The tea tasting is tip based, you can decide how much to pay after that but it is suggested as $5 on their website.


I started off with trying the teas in my taste profile, and tried whatever Eustacia recommended after that. From left to right, I had tried Melon and Peach from Tea Depot, Refine (Honeysuckle, Sun-baked Goji berries and white tea) from Infusion de Vie and Taiping Hou Kui from Parchmen & Co. It was an enjoyable experience trying out the different teas and getting to know more about the teas and the brands from Eustacia too.

teapasar nomadx plaza singapura

If you like, they have some of their products at the store for you to purchase on the spot. If they don’t have the products at the store, you may go back online to purchase them and have them delivered to you.

teapasar nomadx

Apart from tea, teapasar also sells snacks that are tea-related or go well with tea. They are mostly products by local brands and companies and they can be quite special as well. During my visit, there were cookies by Spatula & Whisk, popcorn by The Kettle Gourmet and chocolate bars by Benns.

What I got

There was such a large collection of tea that I had trouble deciding what I wanted to buy. I eventually bought some things from the store and got the rest mailed to me.

teapasar tea

I got Antea Social’s Peach Oolong tea, Benns’ Vung Tau Dark Chocolate and Spatula & Whisk’s Thai Tea cookies at the store. I also got Sucre’s Osmanthus Oolong and Roji Tea’s Milky Popcorn tea. I only did everything through one check out and it was very convenient!

All in all, I thought that getting to try out the teas was very helpful in helping me decide what I wanted to buy and I enjoyed talking to the staff of teapasar too. Thank you teapasar for the wonderful experience!

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Address: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, NomadX, #N3-09
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday: 10am to 10pm

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