Traditional Thai food in Gong Tong, Bangkok


Gong Tong is a cosy cafe in Pratunam that has only been around since May this year. They serve a wide selection of traditional Thai food in a la carte and in sets.

gong tong bangkok

The cafe is rather small and quiet and it has quite a nice dining atmosphere here. The owner here was really nice and exchanged small change for us because we didn’t have small change for our Grab driver.

gong tong bangkok

We had a plate of cookies to eat while waiting for our food. We didn’t have to wait long but I was glad we got to try these cookies, they were yummy and I rarely get to eat these on my trips to Thailand.

gong tong bangkok

They sell traditional drinks in novel ways too! This is butterfly pea with lime juice.

gong tong bangkok

The colour was so pretty when I added the butterfly pea syrup to the lime juice!

gong tong bangkok

This is the Ayutthaya set which has dry red curry prawn, stir fried cabbage with fish sauce and fried boiled egg with tamarind sauce. They were all good and the prawn was quite spicy! The dessert in this set is Foi Tong (sweet egg strands) with sticky rice!

gong tong bangkok

This is the Rattanakosin set (which is a more recent era) and it has rice noodles with crab meat curry, fried chicken winglets, egg and kanom tarn (a coconut Thai dessert)!

gong tong bangkok

You get free dessert if you check in on Facebook or Instagram too!

gong tong bangkok khanom thuay

This is Kanom Thuay, made of creamy coconut and custard below. This is quite a common Thai dessert.

gong tong bangkok kanom ko kati

This is Kanom Ko Kati, this was the dessert that attracted me to this place. I ordered this even after I had so much food already and had to make space for this!

gong tong kanom ko kati

It’s a rare Thai dessert that tends to be found in Southern Thailand. This is glutinous rice balls with coconut and coconut sugar served in coconut milk! I’ve never had this before so I was so glad I managed to eat this too.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal here and I would highly recommend visiting if you’re in Bangkok and looking for traditional Thai food. The staff are friendly and the menus are in English, making them tourist friendly as well! I would want to come back again when I’m back in Bangkok to try more items soon!

Gong Tong
Address: Soi Petchaburi 15, Pratunam, Ratchethevee district, Bangkok
Opening hours: 8am-9.30pm daily